Is your Healthcare Practice effective in attracting & retaining Patients?

Digitivy ®’s consultants leverage their deep expertise in patient engagement & digital technology to deliver high quality innovative solutions that result in increase in patient satisfaction.

Digitivy ®’s Health App services include development of Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Chatbots Applications to improve your Healthcare Practice Operations.

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Patient Experience

A memorable and enjoyable patient experience is something all healthcare providers should strive for. Our Patient Experience services include deployment of technology solutions that can help you seamlessly register/check-in a patient at your facility.

We build/deploy web/mobile/kiosk solutions using modern technologies including Amazon Web Services (AWS) &  include the following:


  • Patient Journey Mapping


  • Web based Patient Appointments & Registration


  • Patient Check-In & Triage


  • Mobile Notifications- Appointment Reminders, Triage ready


  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) access

Mobile Health

Our Mobile Health services include development of rich user experiences on Mobile Phones/Tablets/Wearables to enable patients to interact with their providers and patient data via their mobile devices.


We support development of Mobile Health applications to support the following:


  • Patient Communication


  • Chronic Disease Management


  • EHR Patient Record Access


  • Prescription Orders/Re-fills & delivery


Digitivy offers unique voice and text based chat solutions to help you build engaging experiences for your patients.



Our services include the following:


      • Designing and deploying a custom chatbot using AWS Lex bot , Alexa Chatbot technology to handle patient frequently asked questions (FAQs)


      • Developing a cloud-based contact center to enable your facility to handle large call volumes with automated call response and back-end integration with your healthcare applications.


      • Custom Natural language processing or Machine Learning to enable rich conversational AI experiences such as Patient-Doctor interactions.


  • Patients and Providers are now adapting to tele health solutions faster than ever before. Enabling rich experiences that let patients and providers gain more confidence in completing a doctor visit online are vital to your practice’s success.


  • Our Telehealth services can help uncover opportunities to enhance the patient experience through the following solutions:
    • Tele Consultation – Custom Cloud-based Tele-Medicine solutions


    • Tele Monitoring – Internet of Things (IOT) enabled remote patient monitoring



Contact Tracing Analytics

Digitivy can help support your city to fight COVID-19 by enabling the data analytics infrastructure required to process exabytes of data.


Our Data Analytics service offering includes the following:



  • Deploying  Amazon QuickSight to provide visualizations to present the data and share new insights into the outbreak.



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