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VENTURE STUDIO- Venture Vertex


Digitivy’s unique offering- Venture Vertex  is a Venture Studio that provides a collaborative partnership model for startup founders looking to build their startup to the next level. Venture Vertex is not an accelerator or an incubator or a venture capital fund. It’s a startup studio model, designed to co-create disruptive startups. We specialize in startups focused on innovation in “Digital Customer Experience” or “Digital Workplace Experience” domains.


We provide access to a team of product designers, engineers, product managers, CTOs & professional services leaders to help you launch your startup concept. Learn more about our studio model:  “Venture Vertex” .


Venture Vertex – Engineering & Product Services:





We provide a dedicated product team of qualified software engineers, architects, cloud specialists, data scientists, UI/UX Design engineers to help Digital Experience startups develop their software-as-a-service (SAAS), Digital Platform or minimum viable product (MVP) offering in an agile delivery model.


Our  team is highly skilled in cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Augmented Reality, Web and Mobile Application development.




We provide Interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services to lead your innovation initiatives for your startup. Our interim CTO services can provide Interim Leadership to take your start up from early concept to a market ready product launch.


Our CTO Services include the following:


  • Oversight on overall development/engineering team
  • Development best practices
  • Testing best practices
  • Release/DevOps best practices






Our Product Innovation Management Services can help you launch a successful product (Software-As-A-Service (SAAS)) or Digital platform in the marketplace. Our experienced consultants can help work with potential user/customers/prospects and determine product strategy, roadmap & requirements that will help achieve product-market-fit.


Combined with engineering expertise, our product innovation strategy services will catapult your startup forward by accelerating the product launch.



Our Product Innovation Strategy Services include:


  • UI/UX Design


  • Customer discovery


  • Product roadmap


  • Product pricing


  • Product release/launch




We know startups love their product, and would rather just focus on developing awesome features that customers love. We partner with startups looking to build an outsourced professional services team to help implement their enterprise SAAS. We provide dedicated PS team members & PS leadership that works alongside your Sales/Product teams to help them achieve excellent results using your product/platform.




We provide core software frameworks/components that can be embedded into your product/platform to jump start your product development.


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