Digital Technologies (Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Internet of Things(IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)) are disrupting Industries and traditional businesses must innovate to stay relevant and develop a strategy to transform their Business and IT Operations to become an agile and responsive Digital Enterprise.

Digitivy ®’s consultants leverage their deep expertise in digital disruption and digital technologies to deliver high quality business and technical consulting that results in significant improvement in digital customer experience for Retail, Travel and Hospitality companies.

Digital Foundation

Our digital foundation services deliver the core Digital IT capabilities required to support digital transformation. We help implement Cloud and DevOps Solutions from our partners Amazon Web Services, Chef and Docker to transform your Customer Experience systems to a modern and Agile IT infrastructure.


Our Services include:

  • Cloud Assessment:  Our  Cloud Assessment Services focus on application analysis for Cloud Fit. We provide a detailed Cloud Assessment report that includes recommendations around Cloud Model (Public, Private, Hybrid), Cloud Platforms and the best migration approach for your applications.
  • Cloud Design & Architecture: Our Cloud Design & Architecture Services include development of cloud-native application standards, reference architectures , cloud native architecture design for greenfield applications or cloud architecture for legacy applications migrating to a cloud environment.
  • Cloud Automation:  Our Cloud Automation services leverage proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies including deep automation with Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, and Docker.  Our Cloud Automation Services can help you build an effective devops culture and a fully automated CI/CD pipeline that enables rapid innovation and deployments. In addition, we can help automate governance policies for your organization to ensure your cloud infrastructure is managed effectively.
  • Cloud Migration:  Our  migration services include a comprehensive migration plan as well as a ‘Migration Blueprint’  for each Application that is in scope for migration to the cloud.  We develop highly available and fault tolerant cloud architectures to meet your business requirements prior to migrating your application into a cloud environment.  The blue print includes a detailed specification of the migration approach, design for the new cloud architecture, testing and deployment methodology. Our Cloud migration team will design the cloud infrastructure per best practices and will collaborate with your Infrastructure, Application and Operations teams to migrate the Application to the cloud


Digital Intelligence

Our digital intelligence services include design and development of Customer Analytics and Predictive intelligence applications to help you develop a better understanding of your customer. We leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS)- DynamoDB, Amazon RedShift and Amazon Machine Learning to deliver a scalable and cost-effective solution.


Digital Applications

Our Digital Application services focus on leveraging Digital Technologies to deliver an intelligent digital customer experience.


Our Services Include:

Digital Things

Our Digital Things services include design and development of connected things that transform the customer experience. We can help build custom Internet of Things (IOT) solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS)- IOT.