Cloud Adoption

Our Cloud Consulting services delivered by seasoned IT transformation consultants focus on uncovering opportunities for Cloud Migration and Cloud Automation across your IT Application Portfolio.

Our unique methodology for Cloud Adoption includes Business Case Development, Readiness workshops, Cloud Architecture and Transformation Management designed to ensure maximum business value yield from your Cloud Adoption initiatives.

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Cloud Architecture

Build a strong foundation for your DIGITAL EXPERIENCE by leveraging cloud infrastructure and devsecops automation for rapid solution delivery.


Our Cloud Architecture services deliver a clear cloud architectural blueprint for  your existing digital experience applications across Marketing, E-Commerce, Service domains. Cloud Architecture will improve scalability and reliability of your applications resulting in improved customer experience. We will deliver a well-architected cloud infrastructure blueprint along with a prioritized set of recommendations to address any gaps in areas such as Security, Cost Optimization, Performance, Reliability & Operations.

In addition, we will help you develop a “cloud-native” mindset for designing your applications including key principles that will enable an application to perform in an optimal manner in the cloud. We will also explore options to containerize existing applications.


Cloud Automation

Our Cloud Automation services deliver automated provisioning, compliance and governance controls to help you gain the most value from cloud adoption.

We help automate your Cloud Infrastructure using technologies such as AWS Cloudformation, Hashicorp Terraform, Chef Configuration Management and Helm.

Our Services include:


  • Cloud Provisioning:  Development of cloud provisioning templates to provision cloud infrastructure including VPCs, Compute, Storage, Networking, Security infrastructure.
  • Cloud Cost Control:  Development of automation scripts to enable cloud cost monitoring and control of cloud instance life cycle.
  • DevOps Automation:   Development of automated CI/CD pipelines including automated build, test automation, provisioning server less functions and container images etc.

Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Migration services help Migrate your Customer Engagement Systems using Public Cloud and DevOps Solutions from our partners Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Chef and Docker.


Our Services include:

  • Cloud Migration:  Our  migration services include a comprehensive ‘Migration Blueprint’  and “Lift-And-Shift” cloud migration for each application.
  • Application Modernization: Migrating legacy applications to the cloud often requires some amount of application modernization such as Re-platforming to a new OS or Re-factoring to support modern architectures such as Microservices, Containers or Serverless functions. Our application modernization services will help you transform legacy applications to cloud-native architectures.
  • Data Migration: Migrating on-premises data stores including file storage, RDBMS, Data Lakes, Business Analytics and Big-Data workloads to equivalent cloud based solutions.

Our migration approach includes a detailed discovery and an in-depth analysis of the application to be migrated to the cloud and the related dependencies. We develop a comprehensive migration blueprint that outlines the steps involved in the migration, including the data transfer, network connectivity, security, application code and build pipeline related changes that maybe required to facilitate a full migration to a cloud environment.

Cloud Adoption Accelerator

FlashClouds is our Cloud/Devsecops automation accelerator that can jump start your multi-cloud transformation journey. Flashclouds includes Cloud Optimization Checks and Intelligent Application Stacks for leading open-source and enterprise software solutions such as:

  •   Oracle- Web Center
  •   Open Source – Magento Commerce
  •   Open Source- Drupal Content Management
  •   Open Source- Alfresco Content Management
  •   Open Source – Joomla Content Management


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