Is your Brand looking to deliver an Exciting Experience?

Digitivy ®’s consultants leverage their deep expertise in human-centered design & digital technology to deliver high quality innovative applications that result in customer experience transformation for Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising and Digital Commerce brands.

Digitivy ®’s application development services include development of Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Chatbots Applications and Big-Data/Machine Learning Analytics to improve your Brand’s customer experience/customer engagement/contact center operations or launch new Digital Products.

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Experience Design

A memorable and enjoyable experience is something all companies should strive for. Great experience is all about coherence and meaning.

We can help collaborate with your business users, end-users, employees and executives to help re-imagine your customer experience.

Our Experience design services include the following:

  • Design-Sprint workshop
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Rapid Prototyping

Web Applications

Our Web Application Development services include development of custom cloud-native progressive web applications that can scale to handle any volume of traffic and are designed with security in mind to support sensitive information.

We build Web applications using modern technologies including UI using- React JS, Angular, Node.js, PHP.

Our Web Application development services include the following:

  •  Requirements Discovery
  • User Interface Design and Development
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Software development & testing

Mobile Applications

Our Mobile Application development services include development of interactive mobile applications to enable a rich customer experience.

We support development of mobile applications using popular platforms such as Android- Java/Kotlin, IOS- Swift, React Native:

  • Requirements Discovery
  • User Interface Design and Development
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Software development & testing

Our connected car app development services can help uncover opportunities to enhance the customer experience by leveraging the interfaces available within popular car platforms such as Android Auto, Apple carplay.

Conversational & Voice Apps

Digitivy offers unique conversational chatbot development and voice interface development solutions to help you build engaging  experiences for your customers.


Our services include the following:
  • Designing and deploying a custom chatbot using AWS Lex bot , Alexa Chatbot technology
  • Designing and deploying Amazon Connect contact center or E-Commerce Platforms.
  • Integrating the chat bot with 3rd party systems such as Calendar, Slack, Salesforce CRM or other E-Commerce/Marketing Platforms etc
  • Custom Natural language processing or Machine Learning to enable rich conversational AI experiences.

Experience Analytics

  • Adobe Experience cloud offers AI-driven solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce through the most comprehensive set of customer experience applications and services available. Customer Journey Analytics is a service built on Adobe Experience Cloud Platform that lets you join all of your data from every channel into a single interface for real-time, cross-channel analysis and visualization, allowing you to make better decisions with a holistic view of your business and the context behind every customer action.
  • Digitivy® partners with clients to identify key digital experience goals and how to best leverage Adobe Experience Cloud Analytics to rapidly realize those goals. Our experience cloud implementation services include the following:
    • Discovery Workshop- Determine key pain points and identify opportunities for improving the digital experience using customer data/journey analytics
    • Design – Detailed design of technical solution including solution approach for customer journey analytics.
    • Solution Implementation: Configuring Adobe Experience cloud analytics per customer requirements


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